EBA Investments (referred to as “EBA” hereafter) is a cross-border real estate asset management firm focused on China real estate market, a leading figure in China’s real estate PE industry and the largest industrial investment fund manager and real estate investment platform of China Everbright Limited. EBA has been specifically engaging in real estate asset management in China for over a decade.

After more than ten years of intensive cultivation in the field of domestic and foreign real estate investment, EBA formed a number of mature product lines including equity investments, structured finance, cross-border investments, direct investments in the capital market and real estate assets securitization etc.

Meanwhile, EBA has set up a comprehensive asset management system. EBA’s asset management department includes Risk and Asset Management Department, Development Management BU, Commercial Real Estate BU and Industrial Real Estate BU. Through combining central management and project onsite supervision, EBA is able to provide such one-stop integrated solution for a real estate project from its birth, covering from its positioning, designing, constructing to its leasing, selling, operating and ultimately to its securitization.

As of June 2018, EBA has 40 real estate projects under management worth circa RMB50 billion.

Investment Strategy

EBA adheres to value investment, meaning exploring properties that are potentially under-valued uplifting their valuation by carrying out investment and operational management to improve their operational performance and exiting investment and generating returns for investors. EBA primarily focuses on properties that are long-term and stable cash flow generators, including retails, shopping malls, office buildings, complex properties, office campuses, logistics warehouses, long-term lease apartments and so forth.

EBA targets both mature hence low-risk properties that are able to generate stable cash flows and those locating in the core areas and potentially able to achieve valuation elevation through repositioning, upgrading, rehabilitating and operation optimizing.

  • Commercial Properties & Commercial-focused Complex
    In commercial properties field, EBA’s strategy is to invest in the downtown shopping centers in second-tier and third-tier cities as well as regional shopping malls in first-tier and key second-tier cities. EBA has established its own commercial property asset management team and created its own retail brand, namely “IMIX Park”. As at June 2018, EBA manages 12 IMIX Park projects (either under operation or under construction) with total GFA exceeding 1.25 million sqm locating in the central areas of several second-tier and third-tier cities and sub-central areas of a couple of first-tier and leading second-tier cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Xi’an, Qingdao, Shunde and Jiangmen.

    EBA also invests in the large-scale commercial-focused complexes in first-tier and second-tier cities covering different varied property classes such as hotel, apartment, office building and retails. The strategy is explore the inherent value of these assets by repositioning, proactively developing and selling and carrying out innovative operational measures.

  • Office Building & Office Campus
    As for the office buildings and office campus, EBA primarily invests in those locating in the prime area of first-tier cities and that are under development or in their mature stage yet potentially improvable in terms of property quality and rental income. 
  • Logistics Property
    EBA has laid out several logistics properties in nation-wide transportation-hub areas as well as certain first-tier and second-tier cities, including those under stable operation, those under construction and those in the pipeline. EBA has also built up a professional logistics team with full-scale function, covering business development, leasing, project management and asset management. 

Our Edges

  • First-class management team
    Our senior management team owns international horizon and adequate real estate experience. The investment management division comprises the best-in-class professionals with extensive industry exposure and investment management expertise.
  • Integrated management system
    Our professional team comprises of investment and asset management experts who has rich experience in investment and in-depth industrial knowledge of the real estate market. Our asset management team provides a comprehensive set of real estate property management services, including portfolio management, initiatively-developed properties management and commercial properties management. The team implements the whole management process of both development and commercial properties by offering an integrative one-stop shop service from prophase, designing, cost planning, constructing, to leasing, sales, financing and investment and exiting by various approaches such as asset sales, equity sales and securitization.
  • Comprehensive risk management system
    We employ a rigorous process of project assessment and selection and establishes a robust project risk evaluation system and risk identification system. The strong investment management capabilities enable the team to mitigate the risk of real estate assets by designing efficient deal structure which meets the clients’ needs yet with manageable level of risks. During the process of conducting a real estate project (developing/reconstructing/operating), our asset management team monitor and control significant milestones and enhance the capabilities on risk identification, asset management and risk management by recapping the entire project upon completion.

    Supported by strong shareholders and their extensive network, we have unparalleled access to a strong pipeline of opportunities in various cities in China, where demand is fuelled by urbanization and strong fundamentals in a rapidly growing economy. We made a growing track record of success in the past few years and earned the top rank in " Top 10 Funds in Terms of Comprehensive Strength Among China Real Estate Funds " consecutively in the year 2015, 2016,2017and 2018.

Chongqing IMIX Park Project (Commercially Operated class)

IMIX Park is a successful nationwide commercial brand created by EBA. There are currently 12 IMIX Parks under operation and the one located at the Guanyinqiao District of Chongqing is regarded as the masterpiece. EBA acquired this property through fund structure in 2009 and since then implemented the rehabilitation by repositioning, refurbishing and operational alteration. IMIX Park has now become the most popular commercial brand among the youth in the central retail district in Chongqing. In 2016, EBA structured it to a real estate ABS product named as” EBP-EBA IMIX Park Asset-backed Securities” and got it listed on Shenzhen Stock exchange. The product was awarded as the “Most Popular Prize in REITs and Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Loan ABS in 2016.

New Everbright Centre Project (Initiative Developed class)

A large-scale complex real estate project over an intersection of two underground lines, New Everbright Center is located at the central area of Tongzhou District of Beijing. The complex contains apartments, office buildings, high-rise buildings, annex commercials as well as underground commercials. Managed and operated by EBA Investments team, this project was jointly invested by China Everbright Limited and Ying Li International Real Estate Limited (respectively listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Exchange) and co-operated d with IDG Capital on acquisition. EBA Investments aims to create a new CBD Centre post the migration of Beijing Municipal Government from city center to Tongzhou District.

Yuehong Plaza (Office Building class)

With GFA of 62,000 of sqm, Yuehong Plaza contains two industrial office buildings and annexed skirt buildings industrial office buildings located at the Core Industrial Park in Caohejing (Xuhui District, Shanghai). The construction of the Plaza was completed in March 2015 and was recently successfully acquired by EBA Investments. We aim to improve the property quality and thus the rental rate by initiative management in order to provide long-term and stable return for the investors.

  • Chen Hongfei

    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

    Mr Chen holds a Master of real estate degree from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of architecture degree from Tsinghua University.  He served as a general manager of Everbright Prestige Capital, the chief investment officer of Tishman China Fund, and the investment director of Lehman brothers’subsidiary asset management company and has over 15 years of experience in real estate investment, asset management and capital market experience. Chen is proficient in Chinese and English.

  • Hu Bing

    Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

    Mr. Hu holds a Master of business degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a Bachelor of management degree from Peking University. He worked at Lenovo Group and Rongke Investment and has over 10 years-experience of real estate investment, assets management and capital market. Hu is proficient in Chinese and English.

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