Everbright Zhongying Capital

Company profile

Jointly established by China Everbright and Focus Media in August 2016, Everbright Zhongying Capital targets at the economic development tendency of China and exploits the enterprises with the greatest potential under the background of China’s new economy, aiming to build the most influential Growth Capital in China

With dual nature, it has both financial investment objectives and huge resource integration capacity as backed up by financial strategic resources of China Everbright and ecosystem resources of Focus Media. Everbright Zhongying Capital can be helpful for its portfolio companies like the strategic capital, and plays an important promoting role in the critical growth stage of the investee enterprises.  

Investment strategy

Everbright Zhongying focuses on several major investment fields with great explosive development prospect and growth potential in new economic areas, including consumption upgrade, pan-cultural entertainment, “Internet Plus” and business services.

China Everbright is an excellent management platform for cross-border assets while Focus Media is a leading media group of digital life circle. The former closely focuses on the qualified enterprises of great growth value in the industries associated with the ecosphere recourses of the later, to realize “two-wheel driven” of industry integration and equity investment, dig the value of investee enterprises and accumulate diversified exit channels, rewarding the investors well.

Investment advantage

Everbright Zhongying Capital takes full advantage of the platform attributes of Focus Media to dock with industry resources. Moreover, it covers the lifecycle management of the investee enterprises with the aid of capital advantage and experience in assets management on all procedures of China Everbright, growing together with the investee enterprises by a series means of outputting industrial resources, post-money services, post-merger integration, financial investment and others, and eventually maximizing the profits of investors and enterprises.  

It will give full play to its asset advantage that has been built in consumer and service sectors, media marketing, internet, finance, technology and other industries to provide first-rate services for investee enterprises after making investment. 

Yixia Technology

Xuan Yixia (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, founded in August 2011 in Beijing, is a provider of mobile short video sharing App and mobile video technologies.  In 2016, this company completed Series E round financing of $500 million that was the highest in the history of a single round financing related to mobile video, and it has become the Thought Leader in the field of domestic mobile video.


Uxin Group

Founded in 2011, Uxin is the leading online transaction service provider for used cars in China. By leveraging its online trading platforms, Uxin is devoted to pushing forward the healthy growth of China's used car market. Currently, Uxin offers the B2B used car trading platform Uxin Auction, the B2C used car trading platform Uxin Used Car and other services. By offering a multitude of full industrial chain services, Uxin ensures the consumers have excellent user experience, as well as the strong relationship with used car dealers.


Biyao Mall

Biyao Mall is the world’s first Customer-to-Manufactory E-commerce platform adopting C2M model to realize a strict connection between customers and manufactors.  Removing all intermediaries, it links with top designers and top manufactures, providing the customers with captive and individualized products of superior quality and fair price.


Xiaopeng Motors

Xiaopeng Motors was established in Guangzhou in mid-2014. It aims to produce Internet electric vehicles for young people who born to get connected. The excellent technology and splendid design are the product genes of Xiaopeng Motors. Centering on consumer experience, Xiaopeng Motors is equipped with "electric engine" + "data engine". It can not only shuttle in the city, but also gallop on the information highway. It aims to become the world's leading manufacturer and operator of smart mobility.


Tantan is a social App based on big data intelligent recommendation and new interactive mode. According to the user's personal information, location, interests and other information, Tantan calculates and recommends people around you who match with you, and helps users meet new friends who feel good toward each other.

  • James Pan

    Chief Investment Officer of China Everbright Limited

    Mr. James Pan is the Chief Investment Officer and a Member of the Management Decision Committee of the Group. He is responsible for Everbright Jiabao and EBA Investment’s real estate business and the business of Everbright Prestige Capital and CEL Financial Technology. He also assists in managing Super Project Acquisition Fund Department I & II of the Group. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Pan worked for the Foreign Exchange Reserve Department of SAFE (China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange), and established SAFE Investment Company, Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the People’s Bank of China based in Hong Kong which managed Hong Kong dollar reserve assets of more than HK$20 billion. Mr. Pan joined Seagate, an asset management company in Los Angeles, United States, in 1998. In 2004, he co-founded SeaBright, where he acted as the Chief Executive Officer, with the Group, launching and managing the Group’s Special Opportunities Fund I & II which focused on private equity investment opportunities in China. Mr. Pan has extensive experience in investment. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the School of Management of Xi'an Jiaotong University.

  • Victor Ai

    Managing Director of China Everbright Limited

    Mr. Victor Ai is the founding member of the New Economy platform of CEL and managing director of China Everbright Limited. Additionally, he serves as managing partner of CEL New Economy VC Fund, Growth Fund, Buyout Fund, with the team, closing more than 60 deals, totaling over 2.4 billion dollars. 

    Prior to the founding the New Economy platform, he was one of the core founders of EBA Investments, one of the largest private equity real estate platforms in China, which managed over USD 14.5 billion (RMB 100 billion) worth of assets. Prior to that, he worked for investment banking division of J.P. Morgan New York and Hong Kong.

    He holds an MSc degree in Finance from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri in the US, and a BA in Economics from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

    He was awarded the “2018 Forty Fancy Future Investors” by PE Daily, “2017 China Best PE Investors TOP 50” and “2017 Best Media and Entertainment Investors TOP 10 ” by ChinaVenture, the Greatest Investors “36 under 36” by 36Kr,  the TOP Investors “40 under 40” by Cyzone,  “2016 Best New Prominent Investors TOP 10 ” by Hurun as well as the “2016-2017 Best Young Investors TOP 10 ” by investor.com.

Everbright Zhongying Capital

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